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eHealth Future Trends

Instructor: Michael Martineau - eHealth Industry Analyst

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A little over a decade has passed since Canada Health Infoway first released the Electronic Health Record Solution (EHRS) blueprint. During that same period of time, Microsoft released three major upgrades to the venerable Windows Operating System (Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8), four major social media platforms debuted (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube), and Steve Jobs transformed the mobile landscape not once but twice, first with the launch of the iPhone in 2007 followed three years later with the launch of the iPad.

According to noted inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil, our world will experience even more profound technological change in the next ten years. This series examines how this change will influence the digital Health landscape and identify eHealth future trends that will impact Canadian healthcare providers and citizens in the decade to come.

Session Descriptions

For many years, the quintessential image of a physician included a white lab coat, a stethoscope (using worn around their neck), and a patient’s chart. This simple image embodies three key activities associated with the delivery of health services: collection of data  (using instruments such as the stethoscope), recording of data for later use (such as observations and medical history) and analysis (performed by the clinician based on information available to them). This model will be used as a framework to explore eHealth future trends.

Session 1: Data Collection

This session will explore how currently available and emerging technologies will transform the manner in which data is collected, often disrupting current practices and, to a greater extent than ever before, involve the individual about whom the data is collected.

Session 2: Data Storage & Retrieval

Long the centerpiece of many eHealth strategies, the role of the Electronic Medical Record (and its sibling, the Electronic Health Record) and other health information repositories will change considerably over the next decade. This session will examine the technological forces driving these changes and offer possible evolutionary paths for participants to consider.

Session 3: Analytics

While collecting and storing data about an individual so that it can be quickly and easily retrieved by anyone in the circle of care offers value, secondary use of health data for purposes such as population health and health system optimization promises much greater returns on investment. This session will explore how technological advances will support the re-use of information collected in digital form for a wide variety of purposes including insights that can influence diagnosis and treatment.

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