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'Laws', Issues, Practical Guidance and Insights

'Laws', Issues, Practical Guidance and Insights

This one-day program presents the wisdom of the experts in the field of HI. Most students of HI/eHealth have absorbed much data, correlated these data to formulate useful information, and incorporated this information into their thinking to develop usable knowledge. However, few have had the opportunity to hear and experience the wisdom of those who have gone before them. Some of this wisdom approximates ‘laws’ – what one can expect to happen or work in any frame of reference. Much of it, though, comes in the form of insights and a deep understanding of the issues faced by HI practitioners and from the practices that have shown value in addressing these issues. The material is encapsulated in a concentrated, ‘quick-release’ educational experience intended to stimulate thinking, questions and discussion. Those who participate in the program will be offered mentorship and given access to an archive that will gradually accumulate useful resources from both the  teacher and the participants. If an introductory course launches a life-long learning process, this program provides an early-trajectory correction to optimize the value that can be derived from the learning process.

Gaining Maximum Value from this Program

Although this is designed as an intensive learning experience, the greatest value will be gained by those who study the program archive, do recommended readings, work with mentors, and extend and deepen their understanding of the material.

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