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H4IT: Health for IT Professionals


Knowing at least the basics about human health, the health system and how the clinical process works is essential for eHealth Professionals. Understanding the healthcare system and those who work in it will help make you more effective in your work and more comfortable interacting with the wide range of clinicians, health administrators and other healthcare staff.

Those who have not had the time or opportunity to participate in a relevant full undergraduate education program often find themselves lacking in this key area of knowledge. The online H4IT program is being offered to address this gap. H4IT introduces the Canadian healthcare system, the basic concepts associated with human health (including discussions about anatomy, physiology and pathology), and the nature and activities of the care process. The material is based on easy-to-understand cases and uses a successive refinement approach to presenting material – we gradually elucidate detail so that it is digestible and memorable. H4IT won’t turn you into a clinician, but it will enable you to understand what clinicians do, what health and sickness are all about and how care is delivered through our health system.

H4IT is offered totally online. It is comprised of a series of 5 segments that will be offered in succession. Each segment will have 5 sessions, each of about 1.5 hours duration with a half-hour over-run period (total of approximately 33 hours instruction and discussion).

New Segment: Spring 2014 -Registration Open!

Segment 4: Current Controversies in Health Care, Health Informatics and eHealth.
Wednesdays from 12:00-2:00 PM ET - May 14, 21, 28 & June 4 & 11, 2014
Live, Interactive, Online

Topics Include: 

  • Conflicting priorities between prevention/public health and high-tech rescue medicine.
  • How the politics of healthcare play out between the federal government & provinces, between providers & funders and among provider disciplines.
  • Healthcare challenges for special groups of citizens – those with chronic illness, on waiting lists and marginalized populations.
  • Give an understanding of the difference between illness & disease
  • Key Canadian examples of Health Informatics successes and failures.
  • What you can do to prepare to help IT support today’s health needs and some of those expected in the near future.

Session 4 Description

Educational Objectives
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Next Segments

Segment 4: Current Controversies in Health Care, Health Informatics and eHealth

Segment 5: The Evolution of Health, of Medicine and of the Health System
Some key changes that you need to be prepared for.

Previous Segments

Segment 1: Introduction
How the Canadian healthcare system is organized, how clinicians provide care and how these worlds are interrelated.

Segment 2: Understanding Doctors, Nurses and Other Care Providers
By examining how they think and act in clinical situations.

Segment 3: Complex Challenges in the Care of Individual Patients and of Populations.

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