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This section lists several ways on how to learn more about the AHI competencies by taking courses or programs, or by linking to more information in the form of documents, presentations, videos and short online courses. You do not need to fill in an assessment to access this material.

  • To view a list with links to more information (such as documents, courses, presentations, videos etc.) by competency catetory, click on Find More Information by Competency Category.
  • To see Health Informatics and Health Information Management programs and courses offered by universities and colleges in Canada, see the Survey of Health Informatics Programs and Health Information Management Programs in Canada.
  • To learn more about the National Instituted for Health Informatics Research (NIHI) AHI courses and workshops:
    • Click on Applied Health Informatics Bootcamp. The Bootcamp is an intensive, highly interactive on-site course followed by the Online Bootcamp introducing key concepts, issues and applications in Applied Health Informatics. The Online Bootcamp includes monthly interactive web sessions for one year and access to a large online archive (about 100 hours) of recorded presentations on Health Informatics topics.
    • Click on eHealth Risk Workshops.The eHealth Risk Workshops are designed to help organizations meet their privacy, security and risk management obligations. These workshops give participants the knowledge, tools and skills required to assess, mitigate and manage eHealth privacy, security, safety, project and business risks.
  • To view a sample list of the online presentations available to those who take the Applied Health Informatics Bootcamp, click on NIHI Applied Health Informatics Bootcamp Videos. Several of the presentations in the list are available for viewing.