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AHI Competencies Collage

Assess Your Competencies

This section lets you map your skills and knowledge to an AHI macro-role; your data is saved in a private area of this server using a userid and password of your choosing. The steps are:

  1. Create a userid if you do not already have one. If you already have a userid and password from a previous visit, but are not yet logged on, click here to log on.

  2. Choose a macro-role that your competency will be measured against.

  3. Work through the list of competency categories and specify your current skill and knowledge levels. You can select a level ranging from unacquainted to expert for each item. Press Submit to save your work.

  4. Click on Your Competency Assessment to view the assessment results. This report shows how your current competency levels compare against the competencies that are associated with the macro-role that you selected. It also shows courses and resources to upgrade your competencies.

  5. Take a quick test to check your assessment results against the WIHIR bootcamp content.
You can enter your data for any competency, set your macro-role, view the assessment report and take the bootcamp content test as many times as you like.