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AHI Competencies Collage

About This Site

The purpose of the Applied Health Informatics (AHI) Learning and Assessment site is to help you assess your competency related to major health informatics jobs and to serve as an information source for:

  • Students, teachers and employers on the skills, knowledge and experience required for competent Applied Health Informaticians.
  • Curriculum developers to help define the educational content for AHI programs.

For more information about Curriculum Development, click here.

The Assessment Tool

The site includes an assessment tool, which allows you to:

  • Identify and/or assess the skills, knowledge and experience (competencies) for each micro-role or task that will give the Applied Health Informatician the required capabilities to succeed.
  • Define a curriculum that imparts the skills, knowledge, and experience in Applied Health Informatics programs or courses.

Site Information Structure

This site has information on:

  • AHI major job roles or positions.
    • e.g., CIO, Director, Analyst, Internal Consultant, etc.
  • Challenges faced by Applied Health Informaticians in performing these roles.
    • e.g., IT/IM Strategic Planning, Procurement.
  • The micro-roles or tasks the Applied Health Informaticians must perform to address these challenges.
  • The competencies and competency categories for each micro-role/task.
  • Resources related to the area of AHI.

A structure for AHI Competency Assessment